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Imposing, surprising, innovative, confronting. Knockonwood is the very first radiator made of wood. The beautifully designed simple yet elegant covering has been finished with the noblest veneer. Durable wood that curves gracefully along the wall. Knockonwood's warm power radiates from its Low-H2O core, which guarantees energy savings and a higher warmth output. Available in 9 different types of wood.
  • of pure copper and aluminium, totally non-corrosive
  • a 30 year guarantee
  • pressure tested: 20 bar
  • supplied as standard with extended air vent with transparent synthetic drain tube.
  • with dirt-repellent and dust-proof lacquer in graphite grey (RAL 7024)
  • high heat output achieved with normal and lower flow temperatures
  • efficient: rapid heating up speed due to super low water content
  • the optimal combination of convection and radiation1
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High efficiency boiler combination
Thanks to its low water content and high coefficient of heat conduction for low flow temperatures, the Knockonwood, with its modern Low-H2O element, is ideal to use in combination with high efficiency boilers and/or condensing technology.
Twin Power, DBE or Oxygen?
    Knockonwood is also available
  • as DBE or Oxygen radiator: see price list "Top performers".
  • with the super-powered Twin heat exchan-gers. The boiler temperature is on average 15% lower for equivalent radiator dimensions!
Here you can find the available colours for this product
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  • The wooden covers are finished with a scratch-resistant polyurethane varnish, gloss degree 40%. High UV resistance. Price category 1: - Oak natural - Beech natural - Maple natural - Zebrano natural Price category 2: - Oak bleached - Beech bleached - Mahogany - Oak wenge-coloured - Walnut
  • Metal parts: sandblast grey metallic (001)
  • The valve and its connections are concealed within the standard casing.
  • The surface temperature of the casing stays safe to touch, even at a water temperature of 90°C. Complies with the safety requirement DHSS DN4.
  • The casing can be removed in its entirety for cleaning and maintenance.
  • a 10 year guarantee
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